World Championship
Sunday, May 28 at 9:30 AM - 1 PM
weigh-in starts 9:30am
meet starts 10 am
Kettlebell Sanctuary is honored to host the Nevada hub of the IKLF BOLT World Championship.The lifter can choose from among 6 exercises and compete in one lift or as many as he/she wants up to six lifts. Any bell weight can be used. Unlimited arm switch and bells can be set down during the set.
Two Bell Lifts---Half Snatch, Jerk, Long Cycle
One Bell Lifts---Snatch, Jerk, Long Cycle

Adult $50
Youth $20
To register, click  http://www.iklf.co/event-2513549

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kettlebell Sanctuary
a Peaceful Place to Jerk, Swing and Smooth Snatches 
Learn solid kettlebell sport technique from Coach Moses Dungca and athlete Michelle Latour! Build strength and endurance with his challenging drills that work the entire body--mentally and physically. Burn fat and build muscle.  Become lean and strong quickly. Swing & Lift with a fun team of KB enthusiasts who compete, work hard, support each other & enjoy food, fine wine & craft beers. #teamInappropriate      

If you want to become stronger physically and mentally
If you want to move through Life with greater ease and less pain
If you want to improve your performance in a sport
If you want to reduce the risk of injury
If you want to convert fat into muscle
If you want a safe, effective & efficient workout
Strength is a skill you can learn.

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